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A Webley Mk4 .38 Revolver (deactivated) plus related items (sold).

A Webley Mk4 .38 revolver plus related items relating to Sergeant Kenneth Alec John Scott, DCM.

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Sold Item Notice

By repute, the Webley Mk4 .38 revolver issued to Sergeant Kenneth Alec John Scott (Distinguished Conduct Medal) after his release at the end of WW2 (his original weapons having been confiscated by the Gestapo). I bought this revolver in a parcel of items related to Sergeant Scott at the same auction and from the same vendor where his medals were sold.

Being sold separately are his rare concealed dagger with leg harness (Click Here), and his F-S Fighting Knife (Click Here).

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This item is located in the UK and I will only ship within the UK.

I am not an expert on guns. I bought this item simply to get the rare concealed commando dagger that came with it. But the gun seems to be in exceptionally good order save it has been deactivated by Ryton Arms in 1995. Comes with six bullets, three pigeon message containers and an article / some bullets relating to an Italian pen gun which Sergeant Scott obviously had some exposure to after WW2.Full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 846b.

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