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Rare 1857P Scottish Field Officer's Broadsword (sold).

In good condition, a very special Cameron Highlander officer's 1857P Scottish field officer's broadsword by Wilkinson, Clan MacLeod, hilt with Edinburgh coat of arms.

A Goerge YI 1857 Pattern Scottish field officer's sword by WilkinsonHilt with Edinburgh Coat of Arms

Sold Item Notice

This is a very special George 6th 1859P Scottish broadsword by Wilkinson. The special hilt has a cartouche with the Edinburgh Coat of Arms, the blade is marked to the 4th Battalion of the Cameron Highlanders, King George 6th and bears the coats of arms of the Clan MacLeod "Hold Fast" over a ram's head. The blade also has the serial number 66951 for 1938, the year before WW2 broke out. The 4th Battalion of the Cameron Highlanders was with the British Expeditionary Force that went to France / Belgium at the outset of the war and are famous for covering the retreat of the French and British Armies to Dunkirk. The officer who originally owned this sword surely perished so his brothers in arms could live and fight on, or was captured by the Germans and became one of the very first prisoners of war.

4th Battalion Cameron Highlanders

Clam MacLeod Coat of Arms

So, not only is this a very rare sword indeed, but it is made even more desirable by the fact it has so much provenance and connection to incredibly heroic acts by the soldiers who covered the retreat to and then from Dunkirk. Because it is a Wilkinson, the serial number can be researched for £18 with the holder of the Wilkinson sales ledger. But in any event, you can be sure the original owner of this sword gave his very best or even his life for his country against all odds and the might of the German blitzkrieg. What also is interesting is Dunkirk marked the last time Scots fought in kilts, so this sword may well have been with him, though I doubt on the battlefield.

image 819 1

The sword is in generally very good order though has aged of course. The 32 1/2 inch blade is very clearly and well etched with some patina, but firm in the hilt. The hilt is in very good order overall and the fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings in very good condition. The scarlet liner is fair but the royal blue edging has faded and worn. The scarlet tassel is in good order though some strands are loose. The sword sheathes well into its leather and steel fittings scabbard.

Again, this is a rare sword and marked to a very important battalion for Dunkirk. This sword will only appreciate and I suspect considerably with time. Additional / full sized photos available upon request. My item reference number is 819.








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