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French An XIII Cuirassier's Sword Klingenthal Blade Versailles Hilt (sold)

A Waterloo battle trophy, a Napoleonic French An XIII cuirassier's sword with Klingenthal blade and Versailles hilt in good condition.

French An XIII Cuirassier's Sword Klingenthal Blade Versailles Hiltimage 816 1

Sales enquiries

This is an authentic Napoleonic French An XIII cuirassier sword; I 100% guarantee it (be careful, most are reproductions - this is 100% authentic). A 100 Day War / Waterloo battle trophy; you can tell this because a) there are no post 1815 inspection marks and b) the blade has a spear point (so it was not an Iberian Peninsula War trophy). The blade is dated November ("9bre") 1814; you may notice the date inscription shows Rle (for Royale) not "Impale" (for Imperial), this is because Napoleon was exiled to the Elba at the time and the French monarchy had resumed control (Napoleon then escaped exile and resumed control of France).

image 816 2

The blade's inspection marks (poinçons) are correct for this date (Star over B for Borson, Wreathed B for Bick, L for Lobstein). The upper suspension ring band has the rack number 252.

image 816 3

This sword is a little more collectible than other An XIII's courtesy of the fact the hilt is marked to Versailles.

image 816 4

The 95cm spear pointed blade is in excellent condition; one of the best preserved blades I have ever seen. Firm in the hilt, the hilt is nicely aged and yet the brass is still very majestic; a good balance. The original grip leather is in excellent condition and always a nice thing as you get to hold what the French trooper did nearly 200 years ago. The twisted brass wire bindings are mostly absent, though these are fairly easily replaced if you so desire (see: Replacing an An XIII Cuirassier sword's grip bindings). There is a crudely scratched "P" inside the hilt which I think may be period, so I have left it there; it is easily removed if desired. Sheathes well into the steel scabbard which is in good order with some of the original browning remaining. Trust me, this sword will appreciate in value. Further / full sized images available upon request. My reference is 816 (346).

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