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Prussian M1811 Blücher Cavalry Trooper's Sabre (Waterloo era) (sold)

In very good condition, a superb Model 1811 Blücher Prussian cavalry trooper's sabre of the Waterloo era.

Prussian M1811 Blücher Cavalry Trooper's Sabre (Waterloo era)Blucher

Sold Item Notice

A well above average example of the light cavalry sabre carried by England's allies the Prussians against Napoleon's Imperial French Army at Waterloo. Said to be a copy of the British 1796P, although the British sabre was a copy of the Austrian sabre, the 1811 Blucher is for many, including myself, a notch upscale of the 1796P. This, like other true 1811's I have held, feels very formidable in the hand.

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The hilt's cross bar is marked "15 A E 1 33" while the scabbard is marked "A. M. VII. 2. 03"; the former follows the post Waterloo format for markings on an Artillery sabre (though may have been done over other older markings), the later is very Napoleonic period. The 32 inch blade is in exceptionally good condition and is firm in the hilt. The hilt is very good, as is the grip (there is a small section of leather missing; the grip never had twisted wire bindings). The sabre sheathes exceptionally well and so the internal wood lines are intact. The scabbard like the rest of the sabre is in very good condition. A really lovely sword that is around 200 years old, may well have played a part in the defeat of Napoleon, and therefore is an absolute bargain. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 814 (345).



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