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WW2 Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife 3rd Pattern (sold)

A rare ribbed hilt Mk 3 Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife made by and etched to Wilkinson Sword, circa late 1943.

image 800 Wilkinson Sword Fairbairn Sykes Mk3 Ribbed Hilt

Sold Item Notice

I believe this to be even rarer than the Mk1 Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife by Wilkinson Sword, possibly even rare than the S guard Mk 1. Although there are many MK 3 FS Knives like this with the zinc aluminum alloy ribbed hilt but very, very few with hand ground blades with the Wilkinson Sword logo on them (and the FS Fighting Knife logo the reverse side).

image 800 2

The 6 3/4 inch blade with the "v ricasso / forte" indicating the blade was hand ground is still very good and firm in the hilt. Unlike most WW2 Mk3 F-S Knives, the pommel is not numbered and there is no crows foot (broad arrow) mark to the cross guard, so this was likely a private purchase by an officer of a prized Wilkinson.

image 800 3

The leather sheath is still intact though weak in places. A very, very rare commando knife. Full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number is 800.

image 800 4

image 800 5

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