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WW1 era German M89 Cavalry Sword, sold

A good 1889 model Imperial German cavalry sword marked to the 2nd Westphalian Hussars, No 11.

WW1 era German M89 Cavalry Sword, 2nd Westfalisches Husaren Regiment Nr 11image 788 1

Sold Item Notice

The 2nd Westphalian Hussars, No 11 (2. Westfälisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 11) are a famous Prussian / German cavalry regiment, also known as the "dancing hussars". Of their number was Werner Voss who went on to be Imperial Germany's number 4 air ace so, if this is not his sword (and I do not suppose for one moment it is), whoever held it almost certainly knew him well. The designation "11" is for being the 11th Royal Prussian Cavalry Regiment.

image 788 2

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The etched 77.5 cm blade with depictions of the 2nd Westphalian Hussars, No 11 against their earlier foes, French cavalry, on one side, 2. Westfälisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 11 the other. The blade has some patina and tarnish. It is firm in the hilt. The hilt is aged but sound and the folding guard section works fine. There is a small section of the grip with a taped repair (original wood base underneath). Further / full sized images available upon request. My reference is 788 (336)




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