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M1850 Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre of the Guards Hussars (sold)

In very good condition for its age and service life, a Prussian cavalry troopers 1850 pattern sabre marked to the elite Garde-Husaren-Regiment.

M1850 Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre of the Guards Hussarsimage 782 2

Sold Item Notice

This almighty sabre was made by Carl Gustaf Spitzer of Solingen (has his Trademark walking lion stamped to the blade's spine) for a trooper in the famous, feared, elite Leib-Garde-Husarenregiment (Prussian Guard of Hussars). It is marked to this effect both on the scabbard and guard, "GH.1.1.37" (1st Guard of Hussars, 1st Squadron, Weapon 37".

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The impressive 34 inch blade is in good order, having been period sharpened, with a few nicks, with the very tip missing (thus I suspect the sabre found its mark in the Franco-Prussian War), and firm in the hilt. The hilt is in good order with the original leather finger loop still present. The grip leather is very thin to gone in places, as you might expect with an issued weapon which hada long service life. The blade sheaths well and both the scabbard and guard have matching regimental markings as previously outlined. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 782 (306).

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