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Circa 1740 British Navy Officer's Sword / Hanger (Sold)

In good condition, a 1740-1745 period British naval officer's sword.

Circa 1740 British Navy Officer's Sword / Hangerimage 776 2

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A scarce example of a British naval officer's hanger / sword from around 1740. The multi-ringed and coloured wood grip typical of the mid 18th Century. The British Lion fighting and getting the upper hand (as you can tell by his poise) with a massive serpent in the reeds where the land meets the sea. The lion's head hilt and quillon finales so very typical of British naval swords of the area. Based on hunting swords, British naval officers wore such hangers in the year Rule Britannia was first performed (at the residence of the then Prince of Wales) and "grog" (alcoholic naval drink) was first introduced for sailors in His Majesty King George 2nd's Royal Navy.

image 776 3

The 31 inch blade is in good order and firm in the hilt. The multi-ringed hardwood grip is in superb condition for its age. The detail of the lions, serpent and reeds hilt is superb. An exceptionally good investment. Further / full sized details available upon request. My reference number is 776 (324).

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