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Rare 1792 Pattern British Light Dragoon's Sabre, SOLD

In sound condition, an exceptionally rare 1792P British light dragoon sword, the forerunner to the famous 1796P.

1792 Pattern British Light Dragoon's Sabrimage 773 2

Sold Item Notice

In 8 years of collecting, I have never come across one of these before; that is how rare this 1892P light dragoons sabre is. The blade is clearly the same as the one used on the famous Napoleonic British light cavalry sabre, showing that sword was an evolution rather than a radical new design. The brass hilt and grip of this 1792P may have looked magnificent glinting in the sun when it was new, but the practicalities of holding a slippery metal grip in a sweaty palm of a hand hopefully is not lost on people; although this sabre is all the effective slashing weapon the 1796P ever was, this 1792P was a difficult sabre to hold in battle, plus the weakness of a brass cross-guard and knuckle-bow doing little to protect the holders hand.

image 773 3

The sabre is in sound condition. The 30 1/4 inch blade, shorter than the later 1796P, is sound but has been over-cleaned and shows many nicks to the cutting edge. There are feint remnants of markings I believe, bit not enough to identify the maker. The brass hilt has aged (multiple small dents) given brass is such a soft metal. But this is such a rare sword any Napoleonic / 1796P sword collector should bite my hand off to get this 1792P. xxxx is the purchase price; just see if you can buy one anywhere else or even ever again, and that makes this a superb prize / investment. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: 773 (303)










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