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1803P Lion's Head Blue & Gilt British Infantry Officer's Sword (Sold)

A scarce stunning blue & gilt etched lion's head British infantry officer's sword, pattern of 1803 (Napoleonic Wars).

1803P Lion's Head Blue & Gilt British Infantry Officer's Swordimage 739 2

Sold Item Notice

With a great deal of the blue and gilt etching remaining, this is truly a stunning sword made famous by British infantry officers throughout the Napoleonic wars, including the 100 Days War / Waterloo; who knows, this sword may well have been at that famous battle ground.

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The sword is not perfect; if it were in very good condition overall, the price would be at least three times what it is. There is an area of deep rust pitting past the critical etching area, the cutting edge near the tip is a little jagged, plus there are a relatively small number of various rust and patina spots here and there but overall, as you can see, the sword still looks stunning. The scabbard leather has also clearly gone for the most part but the fittings are still in good order. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt aged but sound and undamaged, the leather grip in very good order, as are the twisted grip wire bindings.

The scabbard fittings are a huge bonus and increases the value of the sword considerably even if you simply keep the scabbard as is, and just display the beauty of the blade unsheathed. Having someone replace the leather will most likely range from £100 to £300 depending on who does it and to what standard of course. Generally, swords with slightly fewer rust, etc. areas to the blade and complete scabbards in aged condition (tired leather, etc.) will easily sell for over two thousand pounds. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 739 (291).

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