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French Napoleonic Chasseurs Cavalry of the Line Officer's Sabre (sold)

A good Napoleonic French light cavalry sabre for a Chasseur officer, probably a Waterloo battle trophy.

French Napoleonic Chasseurs Cavalry of the Line Officer's Sabreimage 729 2


Apart from the fractured hilt sections, this is a very good condition French Napoleonic Chasseur cavalry officer's sabre. But before you dismiss it for the fractures or go out and buy metal formula epoxy resin, which would certainly repair the fractured bars, think as to whether you would actually want to do this, as the sword is almost certainly a Waterloo or other Napoleonic wars trophy; the hilt damage appears period and commensurate with a French cavalry officer falling off his mount with his sabre in hand. These brass hilts were prone to damage, mostly when struck by an opponent's sword, but this one looks like it was part of the literal fall of a French cavalry officer. I could easily have glued the fractures together myself and mentioned a later repair which would hardly show in the photos, but I think personally doing this detracts from the sword and its probable history. This fine sword was bought by me from Christies London from a vendor whose family are sure the sword was a 100 Days War (Waterloo) trophy.

image 729 4

image 729 5

The 34 inch blade is Solingen made, as was common, which would most likely put the sword's manufacture from 1801 to 1805 (though possibly 1812), given this sword model was introduced in 1801 and the French started buying less and less Solingen made edged weapons; in 1812 Prussia was at war with France, so it is definitely pre-1812. You can tell the blade is Solingen made by the raised etching type and leafy herringbone style spine.

image 729 3

The blade is in very good condition, firm in the hilt and has some gilt etch remaining. The hilt is in good order apart from the bar fractures. The leather and twisted grip wire bindings are in very good order. The steel scabbard is very good and the sword sheathes very well. The sabre has a very, very good feel to it in the hand. At £1100 this is definitely one of my best deals; remember, I could easily have glued the bar fractures and sold it for more, which the buyer can do but I would suggest they keep it as is. Further / full sized images available upon request. My reference is 729 (299-1.18m).


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