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1820's British Bandmaster's Sword (sold)

A circa 1820 British bandmaster's or possibly musician's sword, almost certainly Household Cavalry.

1820's British Bandmaster's Sword

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The stylized flaming grenade, straight blade and heavy cavalry style scabbard drag all point to this being a bandmaster of the Household Cavalry's sword. The 28 1/2 inch blade is plain, I believe through over-cleaning. The brass grip on one side is marked "Lmb". I believe this marking to be later, perhaps when the sword was handed down from the original regiment owners to another possibly reservist / territorial regiment. The "mb" almost certainly meaning "military band", the "L" possibly lost to the winds of time.

In any event, these early 19th Century swords are very rare. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 728..




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