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Signed WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto with Sword Knot (sold)

A sharpened WW2 naval kai gunto katana with sword knot indicating sword was taken from not surrendered by the Japanese officer.

Signed WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto with Sword Knotimage 720 2

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With a feint anchor stamp for the Imperial Japanese Toyokawa naval arsenal, this signed Showa navy officer's kai gunto katana comes with original sword knot which almost certainly means the sword was taken from an individual Japanese officer rather than it being an end of war surrender sword (as officers removed their sword knots before they surrendered their swords after the Japanese capitulation).

image 720 4

image 720 3

The blade has been field sharpened and is still very sharp; I presume the Japanese officer involved expected he may have to use his sword. One side of the blade is in virtually original condition, the other side has more visible sharpening marks. Still, a very nice sword and very good example of a scarce item, as most of IMperial WW2 Japan's kai guntos ended up at the bottom of the ocean, hence why naval katanas are much rarer on the market. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 720 (290).

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