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WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto Katana (Kokura Arsenal) (sold)

Guaranteed genuine, a WW2 Japanese army NCO's shin gunto / katana marked for the Kokura arsenal.

WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto Katana Kokura Arsenalimage 658 2

Sold Item Notice

I guarantee this to be an authentic Kokura arsenal WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Katana; be warned, many if not most NCO shin gunto on the market are reproductions, including several sold by so called sword experts! Although reproductions can be very "good", they get minor detail slightly wrong, such as the position of the blade bohi (groove). This is a genuine World War vet bring back war trophy with matching serial numbers (80516) to the blade and scabbard throat.

image 658 3

image 658 4

This example is in very good condition, the blade a little "shined" / polished (the Kokura arsenal mark next to the serial number on the blade is only just visible). The 69.5 cm blade is firm in the hilt / grip. The sword sheathes well and the locking pin mechanism is good and working well. The scabbard and grip both a little aged but in generally very good order. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 658 (260).






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