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George 5th British Royal Naval Midshipman's Dirk (sold)

A George 5th British Royal Naval midshipman's dirk, the former property of William John Yendell who went on to become Rear Admiral and British Assistant Chief of Naval Staff.

image 642 British Royal naval midshipmans dirk george 5th

Sold Item Notice

This is the naval midshipman's dirk of William John Yendell, bought by him almost certainly in 1922 just before he was assigned to the battleship HMS Warspite. WJ Yendell went on to become a Rear Admiral and British Assistant Chief of Naval Staff after World War 2. I bought this dirk along with his naval officer's sword from the same estate of him family.

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Dirks being much rarer than swords, they command comparatively high prices. I have priced this one around the price you can expect to pay for a George 5th midshipman's dirk anyway, but with this one you get the provenance of a senior officer having owned it as his first ever naval edged weapon.

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The dirk is in overall good order, the 17 7/8 inch blade is above average; some patina but not much around the etching and also some rust pitting to the point end. The locking pin mechanism is good. The hilt good also, the fishskin a little grubby but which can be cleaned. The sword knot aged and frayed. The scabbard complete but the bottom fitting is loose (can be glued back on) due to the leather having partly perished near the tip section (corresponding to the pitted area near the tip on the blade). But overall an above average example and one that belonged top a very important naval officer early on in his career. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 642.

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