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1845 / 1854 Pattern British General Officer's Sword (sold)

In good condition, a scarce British infantry general officer's sword and scabbard.

1845 / 1854 Pattern British General Officer's Swordimage 641 1

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Good as is or perfect for restoration given the blade is in such good condition; metal polish the brass scabbard and have a refurbisher re-gilt the hilt, and you have an exceptional display sword.

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A piquet or levee general officer's sword, marked to cutler Pulford & Son (1844 to 1897), I believe this sword dates to the 1870's. The 33 inch blade is well etched including crossed sword and baton, the emblem of a general staff officer, and in very good condition; some slight rust blemished and sheathing wear but not much. The hilt has lost its gilt but is very sound. The hilt and grip have a little movement, not much and this is quite easily cured if desired (push a wood splinter up the tang from the front of the hilt). The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are in good order. The brass scabbard tarnished from age but sound. The sword sheathes well and the scabbard holds the sword when fully sheathed. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: 641 (316).

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