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1827 Pattern Victorian British Naval Officer's Sword by Thurkle (sold)

In very good order, a Victorian Royal Navy officer's sword made by quality maker Thurkle.

1827 Pattern Victorian British Naval Officer's Sword by Thurkleimage 639 2

Sold Item Notice

A very good example of a sought after Victorian RN officer's sword. Yes the blade has some patina spots but not many; most Victorian naval swords are in much worse condition given the elements they were exposed to.

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The nicely etched 32 1/4 inch blade is firm in the hilt. OK, the hilt is more copper base metal than plated gilt now but it still looks very good. OK, the fishskin is a little grubby from being handled over 120 years or thereabouts, but the fishskin is in great order and the twisted wire grip bindings are still superb. The sword sheathes well and the locking mechanism is fine. OK, the leather of the scabbard is a little aged and tired, but still very good considering. A well above average example. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number is 639 (268).

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