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1845/54 Pattern VRI Thurkle British Infantry Officer's Sword (Sold)

An 1845/54 Pattern Thurkle made VRI British infantry officer's sword in exceptionally good condition for its age.

1845/54 Pattern VRI Thurkle British Infantry Officer's Swordimage 631 2

Sold Item Notice

I do not think it possible to get a quality 1845/54 pattern British infantry officer's sword in such superb condition. It truly does not look 150 years old, but it is. The blade is in exceptionally good order and the etching is just superb. In every way a shining example.

image 631 5

The 32.5 inch blade is lovely. Etched "VRI" for an officer in the British Army in India, this beautiful sword was actually sold to the army, not as a private purchase; we know this from the stamps to the ricasso. It is incredible to believe such a fine and expensive sword was issued to someone, but it was; such was the value of India to the British Government of the day.

image 631 3

The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt in very good order but without the gilt of a private purchase sword. The lovely grey fishskin grip in very good order, as are the copper twisted grip wire bindings. The sword sheathes well into its original browned steel scabbard which has signs of previous light rusting and a small ding, but nothing that pronounced. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 631.

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