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ERII Wilkinson British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, Bag and Belts (sold)

In exceptionally good condition, a current model / monarch (Queen Elizabeth 2nd) British Royal Naval officer's sword, scabbard, knot, roeskin bag and all-weather bag by Wilkinson.

ERII Wilkinson British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, Bag and Beltsimage 624 2

Sold Item Notice

Wilkinson swords are getting scarcer and more valuable each day, and no exception a RN officer's sword like this with near perfect blade and exceptionally good condition hilt. This sword would be suitable as a dress sword for a currently serving RN officer, and I suspect any RN officer would be glad of if not prefer a Wilkinson made item.

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The blade has the serial number 75994 for 1955. The original owner could possible be identified for 18 GBP as the Wilkinson sales ledger still exists. Anyway, this sword was once carried by an RN officer in the 1950's and has been very well kept; the blade was coated in sword grease when I got it, which has kept it as brand new over the years. The blade is form in the hilt, the later which has retained most if not all of its gilt. The fishskin grip is in very good and clean condition, the sword knot in good order. The sheath still good, some loss of gilt to the top fitting; the hilt's folding guard and scabbard pin are good. The roeskin bag is a little dirty but still good. The leather all weather bag is tired and the stitching has come away along one section, but could be restored. The black patent leather belts are in good shape, probably for a size 30 waist.

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Further / large images available upon request. My item reference number 624 (240).

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