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Superb WW2 Japanese Officer's Shin Gunto (sold)

Signed by noted blade smith Kojima Katsumasa, this superb WW2 officer's shin gunto katana comes complete with original sword knot.

WW2 Japanese Officer's Shin Gunto - Katsumasa

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This is a truly stunning shin gunto in very good original polish, made / signed "Nosyu Seki ju Kojima Katsumasa saku"; Kojima Katsumasa one of the more notable swordsmiths of the time. Complete with original blue and brown (for 2nd or 1st Lieutenant or Captain rank officer) sword knot, which almost certainly means this sword was taken from a Japanese officer as normally surrender swords had their sword knots removed beforehand.

Fine hamon and full set of seppa, 69 cm Seki stamped blade in very good original condition. Everything good as it should be. Metal scabbard in good order. One of the best shin gunto's I have seen. Item reference number 622.



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