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1821 P Wilkinson Victorian British Royal Artillery Officer's Sword (sold)

In very good condition, a Victorian British Royal Artillery officer's sword made by Wilkinson, with original owner's family crest.

1821 P Wilkinson Victrorian British Royal Artillery Officer's Swordimage 610 2

Sales enquiries

A superb condition blade on this impressive Wilkinson made (serial number 18865 for 1873) 1821 pattern British Royal Artillery officer's sword with family crest (a phoenix surmount a crown with the motto "Vigilant"). I have not researched this sword; the owner of the Wilkinson ledger can provide details of the original purchaser for £18; this may allow the owner to be fully identified on the Army List for that period.

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Superbly etched 34 1/2 inch blade with Royal Artillery, VR and Ubique symbols. Some patina but very little and firm in the hilt. The steel hilt has light past rusting but could be sanded and polished bright, but I would leave it. The fishskin generally very good but worn near the hilt which more than implies it was held many times tight in the hand, so the signs are the original owner kept it for a long time and had a long military career, so the research may be well worth while (I tried to find the family name for the crest but failed). Lovely steel scabbard, patinated but in very good order and the sword sheathes exceptionally well.

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A lot of quality sword for just £500. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number 610 (203)

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