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19th Century Silver Arabian Saif / Persian Shamshir, Wootz Blade (sold)

A fine silver Arabian Saif / Persian Shamshir, 19 Century, Wootz watering just visible, forging lines clear along spine.

19th Century Silver Arabian Saif / Persian Shamshir, Wootz Bladeimage 593 4

Sold Item Notice

A fine shamshir or saif, the clearly traditionally forged blade worn and pitted in places, but the wootz still visible here and there, plus the tell tale forging lines clearly evident along the length of the backbone of the blade. 29 3/4 Inch curved blade firm in the hilt. The hilt and scabbard both with elaborate fine patterning. I am confident the majority of the scabbard and hilt metalwork is silver, as it tarnishes and there is no sign of rust to indicate steel. I believe the crossguard and scabbard suspension rings are steel.

image 593 6

Further / full sized images upon request. Item number 593 Box 213-1m.

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