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1908P British Cavalry Sword by Sanderson Brothers & Neubold (sold)

In good condition with most of its WW1 camouflage paint intact, a 1908 pattern British cavalry trooper's sabre by Sanderson Brothers & Neubold of Sheffield.

1908P British Cavalry Trooper's Sword by SB & N LtdSanderson Brothers & Neubold of Sheffield

Sold Item Notice

A rare maker of the 1908 pattern British cavalry trooper's sabre, SB&N Ltd (Sanderson Brothers & Neubold Limited). This example is lovely and WW1 original with most of its dark green over brown camouflage paint intact plus the added bonus of what I am sure is the original blackened sword knot; a rare find on a rare maker's sabre.

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Made in March 1915 during World War 1, the 35 inch sheffield steel blade is in overall very good order and duly marked with inspection, date and model stamps. Firm in the hilt and sheathes very well. The hilt and scabbard in very good order too with much of the original field camouflage paint intact. There are 1908P's and 1908P's and this is one of the rarer, better ones. So worth every penny of £550. Further pictures available upon request. Item Ref: 583 (212)

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