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Authentic WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto Katana (sold)

A 100% authentic WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Katana.

Authentic WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto Katanaimage 566 3

Sold Item Notice

I guarantee this to be an authentic WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Katana; be warned, many if not most on the market are reproductions, including some sold by self-proclaimed sword experts!

image 566 4

Please note the correct orientation of the blade's serial number (48465), the correct Kokura arsenal blade stamp, the correct sarute loop, the correct unpainted fuchi material and stamps for the serial number, the correct location / position of the bohi groove on the blade, the tell-tale authentic wear to copper color painted aluminum grip. Reproductions are good but they get certain things a little wrong; this sword is 100% correct, authentic.

image 566 6

Good condition 69.5 cm blade (includes habaki), sharpened and with some scratching / aging as is to be expected. Everything is firm. The blade and scabbard serial numbers are different, which is also good from the perspective of avoiding reproductions (most reproductions have matching serial numbers of course). This mismatch of blade and saya / scabbard serial numbers is common amongst authentic NCO katanas and indicates the item was a war trophy given from a depository where swords and sayas were put together without too much method. It is a lovely example and sheathes well. Further / full sized images available upon request. My reference number 566. These swords are getting increasingly, even incredibly hard to source.






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