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1912 Patt British Cavalry Officer's Sabre, Regiment / Owner ID'd (sold)

A shiny 1912 pattern cavalry sabre for a British officer, with scabbard and sword knot, marked to an English officer in the 7th Hariana Lancer Regiment (India), circa WW1.

1912 Patt British Cavalry Officer's Sabreimage 564 2

Sold Item Notice

This is certainly a good display sabre, given it looks so clean. The truth is it has been replated at some later stage to the extent the original etching on the blade is only just visible (correctly nickel plated, not chrome plated). However, along the spine together with a serial number that appears to be a Mole (famous maker) number, is the inscription "7th H/L IA ELW".

image 564 3

This means the sabre was carried by an officer of the 7th Hariana Lancers of the India Army. I think the owner's initials were wrongly sequenced as the most likely candidate for the original owner was one Captain E W Lickman, an English officer serving in that regiment. Capt. Lickman was a very lucky man, he survived WW1.

The 35 inch replated blade has a few rust specks (now stabilized) but is overall good and firm in the hilt. The replated hilt is in very good order. The fishskin grip and wire bindings are both very good too. The replated scabbard is mostly good but there are a couple of very small old rust holes and a kink. Still, as stated, a very good display piece with some worthwhile provenance together with a good later white leather sword knot. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: 564 (203).





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