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Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword (Sold)

A mid to late 19th Century British Royal Navy officer's sword.

Victorian British Royal Navy Officer's Swordimage 561 2

Sold Item Notice

Finding Victorian British Royal Naval officer's swords is getting increasingly difficult. This is a good example from 1857 to 1890, I suspect around 1865 due to the maker's name, curved blade and well defined lions head pommel.

image 561 3

Made by Fraser & Davis of High Street, Portsmouth, the hilt with the Georgian crown still used by Queen Victoria with some gilt still remaining. A well etched 30 inch blade which has been period sharpened and bears two small nicks to the cutting edge raising the prospect the sword actually saw some rare hand to hand action. The blade with patina / some slight rust pitting in places but firm in the hilt.

image 561 4

The fishskin grip in very good order and excellent (more expensive) large node fishskin at that, with the ring bindings / twisted copper wire intact and firm. The scabbard is complete, the fittings have worn with gilt loss and the leather has given way (folds) in one area, but still sheathes well and the locking pin fits the hilt's folding guard section to hold it in place.

Further / large images available upon request. My item reference number 561 (200).



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