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1803 British Light Infantry Officer's Sword & Scabbard (sold)

A rare 1803 pattern British light infantry officer's sabre / sword with scabbard.

1803 British Light Infantry Officer's Sword & Scabbardimage 558 2

Sold Item Notice

A very scarce even rare light infantry officer's sabre, complete with original leather and gilt metal scabbard.

image 558 3

The slender very curved 32 inch blade, favored by British light infantry officers, is well age patinated and firm in the hilt. The fishskin grip is worn through in places but sound overall and the twisted wire grip bindings are still present and correct. The ornate guard still retains some gilt. The leather of the scabbard is very aged, as you would expect and the top fitting is detached. The scabbard could be refurbished of course. What is nice is that it is complete and has the very early 19th Century frog button as well as twin suspension mounts. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 558

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