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1827 Pattern Victorian Rifle Regiment Officer's Sword (sold)

A mostly very good condition 1827P Victorian British rifle regiment officer's sword.

1827P Victorian British rifle regiment officer's sword.image 556 6

Sold Item Notice

It looks and is in exceptionally good condition except for the last (point) end of one side of the blade (thankfully not affecting the etching), where it is rusted. Regrettably I do not have an electro-plating company anywhere near me (to prepare and replate the tip area), as this is what I would inexpensively do to make this a truly shining example worth over double what I am asking for it. It is currently as it stands a stunning sword, especially if you only view one side of the blade.

image 556 4

image 556 5

The 32 1/2 inch blade is well etched, including the rare version of Queen Victoria's cypher only found on some but by no means all rifle regiment swords; there are some light rust spots here and there on the etching but very little in comparison with most swords of this age. Firm in the hilt, the guard, grip and ring bindings are all in equally good order. The steel scabbard is good but with a ding in it.

image 556 8

Further / full sized pictures (including the rust area on the last 1/3 of the blade one side) available upon request. My item reference number 556 (207).



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