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A good multi-fullered Indo-Persian Tulwar (sold)

In overall good condition, a highly impressive, well made, multi-fullered Indo-Persian tulwar.

Indo-Persian Multi-Fullered Tulwarimage 522 tulwar 2

Sold Item Notice

There are tulwars and then there are impressive tulwars like this one. Although the koftkari has mostly come away from the hilt, this sabre was clearly once the property of a very important man. The blade is absolutely superb and still sharp; this is no dress sword, this is a vicious, effective slashing sabre which the British basically copied in their late 18th century light cavalry sabres.

image 522 tulwar 3

With the maker's crescent moon mark still visible, the 27.5 inch blade is firm in the hilt. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 522 (124).

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