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1804 Pattern Trafalgar Era British Naval Cutlass (sold)

A rare authentic 1804 P British naval cutlass, Battle of Trafalgar Era.

1804 Pattern Trafalgar Era British Naval Cutlassimage 483 British 1804 Pattern Naval Cutlass Trafalgar 2

Sales enquiries

The 1804 pattern British naval cutlass is not rare only because of the sea of reproductions that exist, often dishonestly sold as authentic in the market. This is a rare authentic 1804P cutlass; you can tell from the aging of course but also the grip (copies do not quite get the ribbing correct) and thin metal guard (copies generally have thicker metal).

These cutlasses were used as intended, for close quarters hand-to-hand combat on cramped sailing ship decks. It is impossible to say how this cutlass got its jagged cutting edge, whether it was used against some French and or / Spaniards, or whether a subsequent owner had a reenactment with it; it looks old damage so I suspect it may well be. If it is battle damage, the cutlass was retired rather than narrowing the blade (to remove the jagged edge) as they often did, so this would imply later than Trafalgar but that is just conjecture on my part. The 28 1/4 inch blade is a little bent near the tip also.

A very good price for this item for the serious naval edged weapon collector. It now sits in one of my main display cases as it is one item I get great pleasure out of seeing. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Our item reference number is 483 (112)

image 483 British 1804 Pattern Naval Cutlass Trafalgar 3



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