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1788 Patt. British Heavy Cavalry Sabre (sold)

A rare Georgian British model of 1788 heavy cavalry sabre in good to very good condition.

1788 Patt. British Heavy Cavalry Sabre1788 Patt. British Heavy Cavalry Sword

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A rare pattern of 1788 Georgian British heavy cavalry sabre made by Osborne. The impressive large and shallow fullered 38 1/2 inch blade with crown and "BS" (Bordesly Street) stamps to the forte / ricasso and the feint remnants of the maker's name to the spine.

image 470 British 1788 pattern heavy cavalry sabre 3

Everything is firm, the brass hilt is a little dented here and there as you would expect, the blade has a few cut marks to it, the leather grip is most likely a replacement but authentically and well done. Certainly one of the best 1788P's I have ever handled.

image 470 British 1788 pattern heavy cavalry sword 2

An exceptionally good investment at £1200. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 470 (105).


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