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British 1858P Royal Navy Cutlass Bayonet, sold

A rare and in very good condition British 1858 Pattern naval cutlass complete with scabbard and frog.

British 1857P Royal Navy Cutlass BayonetBritish 1857P Royal Naval Cutlass Bayonet

Sold Item Notice

These are scarce items and this one in its superb condition with original leather and steel scabbard and frog is very rare indeed. Marked "A. & E. H." the stamp of A. & E. Holler of Solingen Prussia (used 1854 to 1885), a testament to the fact most if not all of these fearsome edged weapons were made for the British Royal Navy in what is now Germany.

image 454 British 1858P Naval Cutlass Bayonet 3

In very good order indeed, the 27 inch blade in excellent shape but for a few nicks which may well have been through combat use, and firm in the hilt. The hilt in exceptional order given the norm for these sought after cutlasses. The grip with a few small chunks missing, the locking mechanism working well. The sheath in generally good order, a little aged, the frog stitching having come undone one side (easily re-stitched).

image 454 British 1858P Naval Cutlass Bayonet 4

Further / full sized pictures available upon request. I am offering this item for vvv knowing I am very unlikely to ever own one as good as this ever again. My item reference number is 454 (47).


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