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Wilkinson 1908 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper’s Sabre (sold)

Very good condition Wilkinson Sword made 1908 pattern British cavalry trooper's sabre dated May 1919.

Wilkinson 1908 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper's SabreWilkinson 1908 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper's Sword

Sold Item Notice

In very good condition indeed, a 1908P British cavalry trooper's sabre in its original steel livery; the sabre was painted for field use originally as remnants of the paint remain around the bowl guard (could be easily removed but I would recommend leaving it for authenticity). Made by World famous Wilkinson Sword, various markings show the sabre was used by a cavalry regiment originally and then passed onto a training facility.

image 1908p markings 1

With the post WW1 blackened grip, this is a very attractive piece indeed of, let us not forget this, a sabre reckoned by many if not most to be the best of all time (the USA basically copied this model). The 35 inch blade in very good order and firm in the hilt, the grip is good and firm too. The sabre sheathes very well into its very good condition steel scabbard. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Please note, the white smearing you may see is actually storage protection wax; it wipes off easily to leave a full shine. Item Ref: 349 (12)

image 1908p markings 2

image 1908p markings 3



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