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1899 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper's Sword / Sabre (Sold)

An 1899 P cavalry trooper's sword with scabbard marked to the 3rd British (The King's Own) Hussars and dated 1901.

1899 British Cavalry Trooper's Sabre1899 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper's Sword

Sold Item Notice

It is rare to find an 1899 P British cavalry trooper's sword like this in such good condition as they were considered easily worn and damaged, particularly the hilt which is thin by comparison with many cavalry sabres. Made by the Enfield sword factory and marked accordingly with "01" to the scabbard, denoting 1901.

The blade has been "cleaned" to the point many of the original inspection, etc. marks are only just visible. However, the marking "3 H 099" shows it was issued to a trooper of the 3rd (King's Own) Hussars and almost certainly means this sword saw service with that regiment in the final stages of the Boer War in South Africa.

The 32.5 inch blade is in good order, though it shows signs of rust pitting marks, so it was rusted at some stage and someone shined it up. Despite this, the blade is in good general order and firm in the hilt. The hilt and grip, which are normally found in poor condition, are actually in very good shape on this sword. Further photographs available upon request. Item reference number 113 (74)

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