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1879 Pattern British Naval Midshipman’s / Officer's Dirk (Sold)

A good condition 1879 Pattern British Royal Naval Dirk.

1879 Pattern British Naval Dirk

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With the owner's initials "NVG" inscribed to the mouth piece of the scabbard, this is a (James) Gieve, (Henry) Matthews & (Edwin) Seagrove Ltd. of Portsmouth made dirk. The blade is blackened in places but generally very good with very clear etching. One of the quillon's acorns is missing. The scabbard is in good condition for its age and the spring catch is present and works well.

1879 Pattern British Naval Midshipman’s Dirk

With a George 5th Royal Cypher this dirk was made / sold in 1911. This is can said with certainty because the company's etched name shows "Ltd" status and also "London", which combined with the full company name (it changed to just "Gieves Ltd" in 1912), could only have been in 1911. So the owner probably served in the world's most powerful navy at the time of WW1. Further pictures available upon request.

1879 Pattern British Naval Officer's Dirk

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