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British 1864 Pattern Royal Horse Artillery Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (sold)

Rare commissioned 1864 P British cavalry trooper's sword, marked to the Royal Horse Artillery.

1864 P Royal Horse Artillery Cavalry Trooper's Sword1864 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper's Sword

Sold Item Notice

Distinguishable by token of its twin knot slits from the later, much more common 1882/85/90 pattern cavalry trooper sword, this rare 1864 pattern is made even more collectable by token of the fact it has seen active service in battle; namely the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War 1878-1880.

Royal Horse Artillery, D Troop, Trooper 44

Carried by Trooper 44 of D Company / Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery, the field added thick course hilt liner (for protection against the freezing Afghan mountain winters) and well worn grip give testament to the fact this sword was carried in battle conditions a lot. The Royal Horse Artillery made a name for themselves in being able to move, ready and fire often quite heavy artillery rounds in support of fast moving troop advances. Often charging into and out of battles, this sword was likely carried by a cavalry trooper assigned to protect the horsemen and gunners of the artillery itself.

The 2nd Anglo-Afghan War was fought by British and Indian troops against Afghan tribesmen out of paranoia of the Russian army threatening Britain's hold over the Indian sub-continent. Britain won the war but ultimately pulled out of Afghanistan.

Mole Inspection Mark

The scabbard is marked "RHA D 44". On the sword itself are “Robt Mole & Sons Birmingham” on one ricasso side, two Birmingham 21 crown inspector marks (one on the spine, one on the other ricasso side), “Mole” stamped to the spine, a further crown inspector’s mark and double opposed broad arrows decommissioning stamp (sword fit for service but superseded). The sword generally is in good condition with no movement or looseness anywhere. Further pictures available upon request. Sword reference number 121 (64).

Robert Mole and COmpany Birmingham

Double Broad Arrow

Crown B 21 - Mole Birmingham Inspection Mark

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