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1857 Pattern British Royal Engineer Senior Officer’s Sword (sold)

Exceptionally good condition and one of the finest quality 1857 Pattern Royal Engineer officer's swords ever made.

Royal Engineer's Sword,  Snior OfficerRoyal Engineers Sword, Britsh  1857 Pattern

Sold Item Notice

This is the finest quality 1857 Pattern British Royal Engineer officer's swords I have ever seen, and in near mint condition. Made by Hawkes and Company, the rare black etching is in superb condition showing as it should the Royal Engineers / Artillery motifs plus Queen Victoria's Royal Cypher. It is very hard to believe that this sword is an antique and anyone holding it would be in now doubt the skill no longer exists in the world to make such a fine article. The only blemish I can see is a small black rust mark towards the tip of the blade, away from the etched area. The blade is firm in the superbly detailed agapanthus leaf scrolled brass hilt, the fishskin and wire bindings are also in excellent condition. This sword looks like it has been kept in a moisture free box for the last 100 years.

I would accept xxx for this sword, which is way below what the real value is only because it does not have a scabbard; if I ever come across a quality scabbard that fits properly, the price of the sword will rise by at least £450. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 132 (58)



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