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Early P1854 Grenadier Guards Pipeback Officer's Sword, Sold

Victorian, very early 1854 Pattern Grenadier Guards Officer's Sword with pipeback blade.

1854 Pattern Grenadier Guards Officer's Sword with pipeback bladeimage 1854 Pattern Grenadier Guards Pipeback Sword 2

Sold Item Notice

Most people think of campaign etched blades when it comes to Grenadier Guards swords, but the truth is those swords recount previous military conflicts involving the Guards, they did not see service there themselves. This "F.J. Cater 56 Pall Mall London" pipeback blade with its savage quill point dates it (the blade) to pre-1844. The 81 cm blade is worn through age but you can still very much appreciate the exquisite etching. Almost certainly therefore this blade was in a sword owned by an infantry officer of the 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards who, upon designation of a special hilt pattern in 1854, had his existing trusted blade rehilted to the pattern. Given the time, the owner almost certainly saw service in the Crimean War which for me is more important than having a sword which names the conflict solely in retrospect. When you handle this sword you are left in no doubt of its beauty and also very much that it was and still is an awesome weapon. The fishskin is worn but in good condition with the ring bindings intact. The steel scabbard is in very condition for its age but some of the wood liner must have gotten loose and got stuck in the chape as the sword does not fit all the way (by just 1 cm) into the scabbard any more; this actually is less of a problem than it seems as the leather throat washer is missing. This is one of the most fearsome and evocative swords I have ever handled and would not part with it for less than £xxx. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number is 157 (18)

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