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Mint 1845 / 1892 P Edward VII British Infantry Officer’s Sword (Sold)

Virtually mint condition, stunning, scarce 1892 Pattern (1845 Pattern with so called "dumb bell" blade introduced in 1892) Early 20th Century British Infantry Officer’s Sword.

Mint 1845 Pattern Edward VII British Infantry Officer’s Swordimage 1845 Pattern British Infantry Officers Sword 2

Sold Item Notice

This has to be one of the most attractive swords ever made and it is also in such good condition.

For a 100 year old sword, this P1845 / 1892P British Infantry Officer's Sword is as mint condition as it gets; I have never seen a sword in such excellent condition. The workmanship is stunning; made by "Hobson & Sons of 1-3-5 Lexington St. London" (as etched on the ricasso), the sword slides into both of its two (one steel dress, one leather service scabbards) and holds firm as it near the end. Fine etching including the Latin "In Arduis Fidelius" ("Steadfast in Adversity") means this pristine sword was originally owned by a Royal Army Medical Corps officer. The R.A.M.C. actually has one of the highest number of Victoria Cross awards to it's officers; 31 in total which shows these men were in the thick of every major battle since the Boer War. The owner's initials "MI" are finely etched into the blade along with much foliage design plus the royal crown of course. The only wear visible is to some of the etching where the 82 cm blade has been in and out of the scabbards over time; other than that, the royal cyphers and the fact this quality of sword manufacture no longer exists, there is nothing to indicate this sword wasn't made yesterday (apart from a couple of minor small patina marks towards the point). Superb fishskin and ring bindings, absolutely no movement or looseness anywhere; as close to crisp perfection as anyone is able to buy. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 144 (35)

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