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1837 to 1881 Black Watch Scottish Infantry Officer’s Broadsword

This is an 1828 Pattern Scottish Infantry Officer's Broadsword dating between 1837 and 1881. It belonged to an officer in the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot which was the original, real Black Watch regiment of Scottish Highlanders.

Black Watch Scottish Infantry Officer’s Broadsword1828 Pattern Victorian Black Watch Scottish Infantry Officer’s Broadsword

Sold Item Notice

The blackened basket hilt and steel immediately give away the fact this is a Highlander's Black Watch Broadsword, but this one was carried by an officer in the original, real Black Watch, the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot (see image below showing the 42nd regimental coat of arms. Bearing Queen Victoria's royal cypher, this sword post-dates her coronation in 1837. Being an original 42nd Regiment of Foot broadsword, it pre-dates 1881 when the 42nd Regiment of Foot was amalgamated with the 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot to form a new regiment, the The Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch). Which in turn was renamed to the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) in 1931 and then the Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006 to much complaint regarding the loss of the famous "Black Watch" name. The 2006 renaming likely to have been politically inspired given the Black Watch's loyalty and association to the British Crown and Government, and Scotland's seemingly increasing desire for autonomy and even independence from the same.

Black Watch items, consequently, have sky-rocketed in value from already premium prices, especially original Black Watch items such as this.

The sword is magnificent and in very good condition for its age, though the etching has been partially eroded through polishing after polishing. The fishskin grip is in good condition, as are the ring bindings that hold it firmly in place. The blade is form in the hilt and there is no discernable movement anywhere. There is slight pitting / patina in places on the blade, but nothing major. Further pictures available upon request.

image 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Sword

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