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Wilkinson British 1822 P Senior Army (Adjutant) Officer’s Sword (Sold)

Very good condition Wilkinson made 1822P British Infantry Adjutant's (Captain's or Major's) sword and scabbard.

Wilkinson British 1822P British senior infantry officer's swordWilkinson British adjutant officer's sword

Sold Item Notice

One of the finest 1822P's I have held, the sword looks 15, not 150+ years old. The steel scabbard but lack of staff officer's crossed baton and sword to the hilt (it has the regular VR Cypher) means it is an adjutant's sword. Made by Wilkinson Sword, serial number 5223; like many early serial numbers, the Wilkinson sales ledger just states its existence and that it was proofed (tested). This sword was sold to either a Captain or Major who was acting as adjutant to his regiment's colonel. Responsible for adminstration, discipline, organization and operations, this sword belonged to a very senior officer.

1822P VR Cypher

The etching is a little worn on one side but very good still the other. The blade generally is in good condition although there are some black patina spots near the tip. Blade firm in hilt, hilt very good; fishskin in very good condition, ring bindings very good (one side strand of the lower ring a little loose but not seriously), a small break in the VR cartouche (not very noticeable), the gilt particularly good still, the folding guard in good order. Sheathes well into its very good condition steel scabbard (some blemishes). Further pictures available upon request.

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