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1821P British Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword by Wilkinson (sold)

Very good condition, well etched Victorian Wilkinson 1821 Pattern British Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword with owner's initials, 3rd January 1898.

1821P British Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword by Wilkinson1821P British Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword David Gordon Cowie

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Stunning 1821 pattern Royal Artillery Sabre made by Wilkinson, delivered to original owner, newly commissioned David Gordon Cowie, on the 3rd January 1898. Victorian Cypher, Initials "D C", British Royal Coat of Arms and Royal Artillery motifs all etched to the blade. Serial number (Wilkinson Sales Ledger shows a blank for this serial number - I actually researched the Royal Artillery officer list for 1898 and found only one candidate).

David Gordon Cowie went on to make Lieutenant on 1st September 1900, Captain on 20th March 1902, Major on 30th October 1914. His name disappears off my "radar" (Army Lists for WW1) in 1915. I can not find him on the killed register, so I presume he either retired or more likely was seriously injured around this time. Certainly the facts can be further researched and would make an excellent project for someone.

The impressive 35 inch blade has some patina as should be expected to say the very least, but generally this sword is in very good condition. The blade firm in the hilt, the fishskin in very good order as are the ring bindings (twisted grip wire). Leather sword knot and field service scabbard in good order; sheathes well. A lovely and therefore scarce example. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 431 (45).

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