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1821 / 1896 Pattern British Cavalry Officer’s Sword For Sale

Good condition owner initialled 1821 / 1896 Pattern Cavalry Officer's Sword with Scabbard.

1821 / 1896 Patt. Cavalry Officer’s Sword1821 / 1896 Pattern British Cavalry Officer’s Sword

Sold Item Notice

The 1821 pattern with its distinctive "honeysuckle" pattern pierced hilt was originally for the heavy cavalry officer. In 1896 this pattern was also extended to light cavalry officers.

Made by Hawkes of London with the serial number 4612 stamped into the 88cm blade's spine, well etched with owner's initials ("HW") and Queen Victoria's Royal Cypher. The sword is in overall good condition with good etching remaining on the blade, which does have a couple of rust spots however near the tip. The field service leather scabbard is comlete but the end / chape area is loose. The blade is firm in the hilt and the fishskin grip plus wire bindings are all good and tight. Further pictures available upon request.

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