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1821-1822 Patt. George IV Light Cavalry Officer's Sword (sold)

Rare very early (circa 1821) George 4th "pipeback" British light cavalry officer's sword with even rarer clipped blade point.

1821 1822 Pattern British Light Cavalry Officer's SwordGeorge 4th Pipeback British Cavalry Officer's Sabre

Sold Item Notice

Pre-1831, this is the earliest version of the 1821 (introduced) / 1822 (pattern made official) light calvary officer's sabre, bearing the typically minimal royal cypher, Georgian Crown and laurel wreaths within a tablet etching of the George 4th era. Although with many early swords the etching is barely visible with wear, this is one of the clearest and crispest examples I have seen. The 34 1/2 inch (88cm) pipeback, clipped-point blade is in very good condition and firm in the earlier typically wide 3 bar guard hilt; the clipped point suggesting this is one of the first versions (circa 1821) ever made (the official pattern in 1822 was for a spear point). The leather grip is old but still firm and complete, as are the ring bindings. The large impressive original scabbard is in good all round order. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 117 (70).

George 4th Cypher





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