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Mid 17th Century English Horseman's Proto-Mortuary Sword (Sold)

Exceptionally rare mid 17th Century horseman's (cavalry) sword marked with Protestant text, used by Parliamentarian forces ("round heads") in English Civil War.

Mid 17th Century English Parliamentarian Horseman's Proto-Mortuary SwordEnglish Civil War Cavalry Sword (Round eads)

Sold Item Notice

This is an English horseman's, the forerunner to a cavalry trooper's proto-mortuary sword. The sword was carried by a mounted soldier on the side of the Parliamentarians ("Round Heads") during the English Civil War. The 33.75 inch (86cms) double edged blade with Latin inscription "Soli Deo Gloria" (Glory to God Alone) deeply struck into each side with a five dot punch mark and flowerhead; the use of this Latin term (one of the so-called 5 solas) shows the sword was carried by a Protestant Parliamentarian against the Catholic “Royalist” forces of James 1st and 2nd. Unlike the finer gentry's / officer's swords of the time, it is inconceivable this sword was not put to "good" use. The hilt is a little loose but otherwise the sword is in remarkably good condition. Further pictures available upon request.

Soli Deo Gloria

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