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British 7th Hussars Cavalry Sabre with Waterloo Provenance (sold)

British 1796P light cavalry trooper's sabre by Gill and scabbard marked to the 7th Hussars which places this sword at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

British 7th Hussars Cavalry Sabre with Waterloo ProvenanceBritish 7th Hussars Cavalry Sword with Waterloo Provenance

Sold Item Notice

It is incredibly rare to find one of these infamous 1796 pattern British light cavalry trooper sabres which you can assuredly tie to the Battle of Waterloo because most swords of this type were not regimentally marked (normally they just had the troop and trooper number); this one is marked to the famous 7th Hussars.

image 7th Hussars E Troop Tooper 55

Having served with distinction during the Peninsula War against Napoleon's French army, the 7th Hussars then served in Ireland and again on to the 100 Years War (Waterloo) where they charged the French at least 12 times during that most famous of battles. I believe it is very unlikely the scabbard for this sabre was marked prior to or during the Peninsula War (as markings were so rudimentary then); I am certain it was marked just prior to Waterloo and therefore was present used there.

Gill 1796 P British light cavalry trooper's sabre

The 33 inch blade is in good order with one tell-tale nick to the forward cutting edge but has been brightened (electroplated) to improve its look and protect it from rust (electroplating is fairly easily removed by electroplating companies). The blade is firm in the hilt which is also firm. The grip has been coated with something I believe other than paint at some stage; I am sure the original grip if only the wood exists underneath. The sabre sheathes well except for the last few mm which are stiff. Truly, finding a sabre which you can pretty well guarantee was at Waterloo is rare and so this sabre is therefore worth every penny. Sword reference number 275 (3).





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