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1796 Patt. British Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword, sold

Very good condition, 100% authentic British P 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword, regimentally marked, with scabbard.

1796 Patt. British Light Cavalry Trooper’s Swordimage 1796 Pattern British Light Cavalry Troopers Sword 2

Sold Item Notice

This is one of the most difficult swords to buy only because there are so many Indian made reproductions being masqueraded as originals. Unfortunately, the copiers in India have done a very good job and it is very difficult to tell the difference unless you know how. Reproductions generally have no regimental or maker's markings (although many authentic swords are not marked either) or have clearly amateurish attempts to stamp these on in someone's home! Reproductions are also often shorter then the authentic versions. The 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper's sabre is one of the most collected / prized British army swords, so getting a genuine item in good condition is very difficult.

The problem is many 1796 LC trooper swords were made without maker marks and sold directly to regiments, which was the way at the turn of the 18th Century, leaving it up to regimental chiefs as to if and how swords were marked. Even after the War Department sourced swords for the regiments, regiments still decided if and how to mark their swords. The process of marking swords and other hardware was to protect the individual trooper, so that someone could not take another's sword if they lost or damaged their own. Some light cavalry dragoon and hussar regiments started marking trooper swords withn the troop letter and trooper's number from around 1797, but not the regiment number as this was not considered necessary. Earlier swords therefore are simply marked as this one is, with a tropp letter and trooper number. In 1812 a general order was made to also mark swords, etc. with the appelation of the regiment (e.g. "H" for hussars) but not neccessarily the regimental number (e.g. "1H" for 1st Hussars).

This 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper's sword is an early one, with the troop letter and trooper number of "I2" marked to the knucklebow which is where they were marked at the time. The blade's ricasso is stamped with a pre-1820 crown over 7 inspector's mark.

This is an original and authentic 1796 Patter Light Cavalry Trooper's sabre. The sword and scabbard, although with a large amount of patina are in very good condition overall (slight section of top surface of grip missing). The blade is 82.5 cm long. Further pictures available upon request.

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