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1796 Patt. British Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (Sold)

Overall good condition, 100% authentic British P 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre by Gill, with scabbard. I guarantee this is an authentic antique sabre by Gill; be careful, most on the market are reproductions, often fraudulently aged.

1796 P British Light Cavalry Sabre by Gill1796 P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword by Gill

Sold Item Notice

So few authentic Gill and other maker 1796 P light cavalry trooper sabres in good condition come onto the market these days, so grab this one will you can. Keep a record of the maker's mark "Gill" to the blade's spine below as the forgers (of reproduction sabres) have not got this right (badly aligned, different font). This sabre also has the two bend test lines to / further along the spine of the blade. Be assured, this is 100% authentic, guaranteed.

image gill marking to spine

The 32.5 inch blade is in very good order, though over cleaned through the years (the remains of a crown inspection mark appears to still show). The blade was once sharpened and there are tell tale nicks to the forward cutting edge near the flared point section which more then imply this sabre saw action against Napoleon's finest. Regrettably sword markings by the British at this time were not regulated and it is often difficult to tell by what remains.

There is a trooper number "29" market to one of the langets and the remains I believe of markings to the scabbard and cross guard. The blade is firm in the hilt. The leather grip cover has decayed in a small number of places. Half of the scabbard's mouthpiece insert is missing. The original internal wooden scabbard liners which held the blade firmly in place have clearly fully or partly gone. But, the sabre is in very good order given its age, likely active and long service life.

These are becoming increasingly rare as collectors simply do not let go of them, even if they buy more. As such I expect my price of £750 to represent a very good investment. Item reference 187 (4). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

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