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1788 Patt. British Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword, sold

A rare 1788 pattern British light cavalry officer's sword by JJ Runkel Solingen.

1788 P British light cavalry officer's sabre1788 P British light cavalry officer's sword

Sold Item Notice

An impressive later 1788P with awesome flared hatchet point blade known to collectors of the superceding 1796P, so about 1793 to 1795 for this sword. 33 inch blade rusted (stabilized, pitting not too deep) in places and aged / faded generally but with etching remaining and firm in the hilt, signed JJ Runkel Solingen to the spine. The hilt solid, the grip's fishskin grip has shrunk a little to leave a gap at the front (this may expand back with regular applications of olive oil - yes, that is what you use on fishskin grips). Well worth the price tag. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 318 (65)

1788 etching remains

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