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French 1777 P Life Guards Sabre (Sold)

Exceptionally rare King Louis XVI (French 1777 Pattern) life guards sabre, reportedly held by the escort of the Comte d' Artois (brother of King Louis XVI) who fled to Britain after the storming of the Bastille.

Exceptionnellement rare modèle 1777 Saber de Gardes du Corp du Roy, qui aurait eu lieu par l'escorte du comte d 'Artois (frère du roi Louis XVI) qui ont fui vers la Grande-Bretagne après l'assaut de la Bastille.

modèle 1777 Saber de Gardes du Corp du RoySaber de Gardes du Corp du Roy

Sold Item Notice

As rare as they come, a 1777 Pattern French Life Guards Sabre which would have been carried by a nobleman of the elite French royal guard to King Louis XVI and his family. Disarmed during the course of the French Revolution, very few of these sabres survived. This particular sword came from a family in Herefordshire England who it is said are descendents of the original holder of this sword. It is believed to be one of the swords held by one of the guard of the Comte d' Artois, who fled to Britain directly after the Storming of the Bastille. The Comte d' Artois' brother, King Louis XVI was beheaded on the 21st January 1793.

image guilmin aversailles

In very good condition generally, the 95 cm spine fullered "De La Marque Des Mouchettes a Solingen" blade signed on the reverse side "Guilmin a Versailles", and adorned with images of the sun, the royal coat of arms, drums, lances and "Gardes du Corp du Roy". The blade has some black patina, but not too much, and is still firm in the glorious 4 bar brass hilt. The fishskin grip and ring bindings are all present, in good order and firm. The brass is a little tarnished in areas, but this would clean up fully. The leather and two brass fittings scabbard is complete but tired; the black surface has failed in places and the stitching along the back has deteriorated in part, plus there is a small crack near on part of the stitching and the brass fittings are a little loose. I have simply applied leather balm so the leather is preserved / does not crack (it was very dry when received it). Personally, I would replace the leather but some people may prefer the original, which I believe can be preserved, so I have left it.

image gardes du corp du roy

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